Is assistance confidential? Yes, all assistance is confidential. The information requested on the Employee Partners Care Foundation Request Form will be used by those involved with the E.P.C.F. for the limited purpose of the request and will be shared with the appropriate personnel for evaluation. 

How does the Employee Partners Care Foundation decide who will be helped? The E.P.C.F. Board is comprised of six voting members. The Board approves requests and determines the amount and type of award given for assistance. The Board meets every Tuesday at 2 p.m. CST. 

What types of hardships are considered? Assistance is for the Employee Partner and/or immediate family in challenging times or other sudden life-changing events. Immediate family is defined as spouse, child(ren), or other family dependent, such as an adopted child or significant other.

Who is eligible for assistance? Current Employee Partners of ClubCorp's family of Clubs are eligible for assistance.

How do I contact you? For further information about the Employee Partners Care Foundation or to donate, please email epcf@clubcorp.com or call 972.406.7816.

If an Employee Partner does not contribute to the fund, will they still be able to request assistance? Yes, an Employee Partner is eligible to request assistance, even if they do not contribute.

Will I receive a confirmation that my donation has been processed? Anyone who donates an amount over $250 will receive a letter from the Employee Partners Care Foundation (E.P.C.F.) specifically for tax purposes.

Can I make an anonymous donation? Yes, no information is ever passed on.

How can I find out what the organization does with its money? Under federal law, tax-exempt organizations have the duty of public accountability. Upon request, charitable organizations must provide copies of their tax-exempt application and their three most recent tax returns, called IRS Form 990. Please note, all requests must be made in person or in writing. A reasonable fee for reproduction and mailing may be charged. 

Is the E.P.C.F. part of ClubCorp? The Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 entity. Employee Partners that serve on the Board do so on a voluntary basis. The Home Office has donated services such as Web development, payroll deductions and marketing material. Decisions for distributions are strictly that of the E.P.C.F. Board.