Charitable Contribution Fund

Established in conjunction with the club's 25th anniversary in 1999, Tower Club Board Members Hayward Benson and Paul Sallarulo fulfilled their vision of establishing an ongoing means for the Tower Club to support a children's organization in the community by establishing a charitable contribution fund. The club allocates twenty-five cents of each lunch and a la carte dinner entree served at the club to this fund. Annually, the fund is distributed to a children’s organization in the community. 

Annually, a board-appointed Charitable Contribution Committee selects three to four potential organizations to receive the donation. During a select month, Members may vote for one of the organizations each time they visit the club for a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner by writing the organization's name near their signature when they check into the dining room. At the end of the month, the votes are tabulated and one organization receives the donation.  

The Tower Club has given $71,000 to various organizations in the community since the fund was created. This year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, Inc. received the most Member votes and will receive a $6,000 donation. 

1999 Pinion/Special Olympics $5,000 
2000 Sun Sentinel Children's Fund $5,000  
2001 Children's Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Inc.$6,000 
2002 Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County $6,000
2003 Kids In Distress $6,000
2004 Children's Home Society $6,000
2005 Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida, Inc. $6,000
2006 Big Brothers Big Sisters $6,000
2007 Special Olympics $5,000
2008 Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center, Inc. $5,000 
2009 Kids In Distress $4,000
2010 Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County $5,000
2011 Big Brothers Big Sisters $6,000
2012 Make a Wish Foundation of Southern Florida for $4,000