Our Team

Zac Wellner

Role: General Manager
Serving Since: 2021
Phone Number: 713.289.3847
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Ashley Durham

Role: Club Manager | Houston Center
Serving Since: 2018
Phone Number: 713.890.8814
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Jessica Zamora

Role: Director of Member Experience
Serving Since: 2019
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Alicia Nissel

Role: Membership Director
Serving Since: 2020
Phone Number: 713.289.3832
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Shirly Elias

Role: Kids Club Director
Serving Since: 2020
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Sarah McKee

Role: Member Experience Manager
Serving Since: 2020
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Julio Cisneros

Role: Executive Chef
Serving Since: 2017

Jared Vinoverski

Role: Director of Athletics
Serving Since: 2020
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Patricia Schnabel

Role: Director of Group Exercise
Serving Since: 2020
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Keith Christman

Role: Director of Tennis
Serving Since: 2017
Phone Number: 713.289.3849

Lily Delgadillo

Role: Office Administrator
Serving Since: 2012
Phone Number: 713.289.3838
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Eric Reynolds

Role: Director of Food and Beverage
Serving Since: 2020
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