Small Group Training

Small Group Training in Houston

Small group training sessions (maximum 6 people) are the perfect in-between choice if you want more attention and structure than a group exercise class, but also the expertise of a personal trainer!  

Small group training starts at $129/month. Call or email Fitness Director Jared Vinoverski to start your fitness journey today! 


MET FIT Mobility 

Get your body moving! Release tension and focus on expanding your body through different movements, leading to greater strength, flexibility, and posture.  If you want to improve performance and exercises like squats, pushups, lunges, or pullups, your mobility can help you improve your strength by being able to control your muscles making those movements. That’s why everyone can benefit from correct mobility training! 

MET FIT Strength 

Channel your inner athlete and improve your strength! Lift heavier, feel lighter. Improve your strength for a more defined look and feel. Heavy compound lifts along with lighter isolation exercises structurally designed buy our trainers will leave feeling stronger and full of energy after it’s over. Different techniques of reps, sets, loads, time under tension, rest intervals, and more will keep those muscles burning throughout this power workout! 

MET FIT Endurance 

These high intensity stations consist of bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, sand bags, sand balls, slam balls, TRX, Woodways, rowers, ski ergs, assault bikes, and more! This conditioning program will challenge your grit and determination to push yourself to YOUR limit. The magnitude of equipment available will keep your body and your mind guessing to what comes next! This workout is designed to make you fitter, faster, and stronger for all the high-demands of daily life! 

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