Club Fitting Services

Play Equipment Built for Your Golf Swing

Why get custom fit?

90% of US golfers may be playing with the wrong equipment. Improper length, lie, head/shaft and grip size can lead to poor results. Poor results lead to poor experience and less fun, and fun is the why people play golf. Custom fitted clubs make the game more fun because the golfer will be more successful.

How much more successful?

92% of golfers who were custom fit for their new equipment on a launch monitor realized immediate benefits. Every person has a swing unique to them and Golfsmith will custom fit the clubs to that unique swing. A consistent swing is a successful swing on the golf course and that means lower scores, more rounds and more fun.

How is custom fitting done?

All the aspects of your golf game will be analyzed:

  • Ball flight 
  • Swing speed 
  • Carry distance and total yardage 
  • Spin rates 
  • Launch angles 
  • Lie angles 
  • Face impact 
  • Body measurements 

PTC Club Academy Fitting Specialist will analyze every aspect of your golf game and ability (those items listed above) with FlightScope Launch Monitor.

The most important components to club fitting?

Shaft/Flex: The right shaft and flex can add distance to low–spinning shots by launching the ball higher, meaning more spin, which creates distance.

Lie Angle: The right angle and lie can compensate for a slice or a hook, making the shot more consistent with each hit.

Length: The longer the club, the longer the shot, but the harder it is to control. The fitted length allows the perfect combination of control and length.

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