Dress Code

Tampa Palms Dress Code 

All Facilities 

  • Men’s golf shirts must be tucked in. 
  • Appropriate casual shirts may be untucked. 
  • Loose-fitting cargo shorts/pants are not permitted. 
  • Bermuda style shorts with side pockets are permitted. 
  • Shorts must be at least four inches above the knee.  
  • Significantly distressed jeans are not permitted.  
  • Hats are not permitted at dinner in the Grille.  (except for religious or medical reasons) 
  • Workout attire is not permitted in Elements past 5 p.m.  

Golf Courses and Practice Areas 

  • All shirts must be tucked in. 
  • Golf-appropriate shorts are permitted. 
  • Loose-fitting cargo shorts/pants are not permitted. 
  • Mock tees that are golf appropriate will be permitted, please no t-shirts. 
  • Blue-Jeans are not permitted. 
  • Athletic attire, that is not golf appropriate, is not permitted (i.e. yoga pants). 


  • Smoking is not permitted inside the clubhouse or hotel. 
  • Please maintain respectful noise levels in all areas of the facility.  
  • In Elements, cell phones are permitted for texting only (during meal service periods). Please silence all portable devices while in the clubhouse.