Instructor's Corner

Tips and Programs to help you elevate your golf game!

Tip of the Month:  Uneven Lies – There are many hills and valleys you ball can end up in here at Stonebridge. Do you know how to properly escape these situations?

Ball above your feet:  Choke up on the club and feel like you are making a rounded golf swing. Aim a little to the right because the tendency is to hit a small pull from these lies.

Ball below your feet:  Use knee bend to level yourself with the golf ball instead of bending more from your waist. The key to a solid strike here is to maintain the initial knee bend throughout your swing. Ain a little left because the tendency is to hit a small push from these lies.

Meet our Staff

  1. Ryan Martin, PGA Director of Instruction
  2. Chris Juarez
  3. Josh Dedmom
  4. Kareen Garrett
  5. Carlos Benavides
  6. Tim Keightley
  7. Chris Ferguson