Club Testimonials

The Buzz

What’s all the buzz about? Our Members and their guests are noticing – are you?  The Pyramid Club continues to improve the private club experience in Philadelphia. 
Check out what our Members are saying! 

“For a golfer, the O.N.E. Membership is an incredible deal. O.N.E. covers green’s fees all over the country. We get two rounds per month at each of our four Community Club courses here in Philly, plus two per month at every other Club Corp affiliate. If I play only two rounds per month, my entire membership is paid for!! Free membership or free golf.  Either way you look at it, it’s pretty attractive.”
Frank Spencer
The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

The Pyramid Club has become an important source of new and interesting friends and business colleagues – just as I hoped it would.  It does not disappoint. As an entrepreneur and sole practitioner based in my home office, I welcome the socialization, warm, welcoming environment and interesting food offerings.  Every staff member greets me by name and with a smile.  How special!”
Barbara S. Kaplan
BSK Strategies

Many thanks to The Pyramid Club for opening my eyes to the opportunity to join My World (formerly known as Signature Gold Membership when I joined).  The ability to visit other My World locations and to enjoy the complimentary benefits has been a great addition to my business, especially in Florida and NYC.

Having the initiation fee waived makes it truly a “no-brainer”.

Peter J. May, JD, LLM, CFP®
Independent Wealth Advisor

Just a quick note to thank you and the entire staff at the Pyramid Club. We had a very successful two-day sales meeting that came off flawlessly. It was the first time at the club and in Philadelphia for many of the folks who attended the meeting and they all were very impressed. The food was excellent and the service and staff attitude could not have been better.  I can't tell you how many of my employees and guests made it a special point to tell me how impressed they were with the event and venue. Some of these folks are not easily impressed!  The successful event sent our far away visitors home with not only a great feeling about the business meeting but also about their overall experience in the city of Philadelphia.

I look forward to using the club for more events like this in the future. Special thanks to Darcee and her team as well.  Bravo!

Take care,

Robert Bedford
EVP, Sales & Marketing

It was the ambience, the welcoming environment, and opportunities of involvement offered at the Pyramid Club that won me over. I took advantage of my membership immediately, involving myself in as many networking opportunities as possible. I connected with a group that was interested in starting a mentorship program within The Club. How perfect this was! I was part of the committee that planned and created the initial one a few years back. In this, I found an ex-accountant turned real estate investor who directed me to a specific niche of real estate that would become the foundation for my current business. I met another gentleman, an attorney heavily involved in the banking and real estate industries who welcomed the opportunity to work with me.

The Pyramid Club continues to be a phenomenal resource for me to develop relationships and grow as a business owner. Being a member has truly been instrumental in my journey transitioning from employee to business owner.

There is a personal sense of commitment and service that I feel towards the Club as I believe there are many more stories of success waiting to be told. The Pyramid Club will forever be a place that I call my home away from home, “high in the sky”.

Michael S. Martin, Jr.
Principal of The Martin Groupe

Starting an office is difficult when you don’t know the geography, people, place, and culture. Knowing that we needed a bricks and mortar presence in our new marketplace, we knew that one of our first action items on the agenda was to purchase office space. As a startup, we thought that we had 3 options in terms of office space:  work out of a home, rent a “virtual office” space, or purchase office space.

Then a business acquaintance introduced me to the Pyramid Club. The Pyramid Club represented a perfect blend for someone in my situation- a place to work, network, eat, and entertain clients. . During the day, I took full advantage of the business center and private meeting rooms- the Pyramid Club functioned like a high-rent satellite office environment. At night, the Club is a great place to wine and dine prospects and clients with its daily bar and drink specials.

Our agency has grown from a one-man band to a bricks and mortar operation which employs over a dozen sales reps and a number of support staff- due in large part to the connections I have made at the Pyramid Club. The Club has given us the opportunity to network professionally and grow our business.

Michael Anza
Bulfinch Group LLC