"We’ve worked with Knollwood for many years on our annual golf outing. 2020 proved challenging due to the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. We could have not been more pleased with how Knollwood implemented our ideas while keeping our customers safe and well taken care of. We believe it was our best experience with Knollwood as there was great attention to detail."

- Shari Carroll 


"Dear Tammy,  I can’t thank you enough for the welcome you and your staff gave to me and my friends for our dinner in October!  As you are aware, normally the event is attended by about 25 gentlemen.  This year because of Covid-19 there were 6 of us.  The quality of service remained the same whether the event was for 25 or 6, it was outstanding.  Thank you again and we look forward to our event this coming year."

- Steve Sylvester  


“Tammy and the events team at Knollwood were fantastic to work with. Everything from the initial meeting and planning the event to the night of went flawlessly. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and I look forward to hosting my next business event at Knollwood.”

- Patrick Lindenmeyer


"An absolute highly organized event due to the events manager, Tammy Briese, who went above and beyond to ensure we have a good time. Knollwood performed beautifully and made our event so special by providing delicious food, polite and friendly staff, and a flexible events manager. It was fabulous and guests relaxed a bit even though it was a celebration of life of a young man.

When I called Tammy on Thursday, December 17th of 2020, I knew I was late in planning for a reception after a funeral. We did not have a choice; it was a death, and we were devasted. The funeral was scheduled for December 19th and we needed a reception to talk about the life of one of us. Tammy did not push me away, instead, she worked with me and the event happened. In the past, we have had great experiences with the company but this one was unique. Tammy took responsibility and did everything possible to ensure that the event be memorable.

After the funeral, we drove to Knollwood around 4:00 p.m. As soon as we entered the ball room where the event was to be held; we could not believe our eyes. Many kudos to Harriet and her team,  it looked beautiful and the outstanding service we received was outstanding, tables were set up nicely even though it was last minute planning. The food was ready when we got there, drinks and coffee were all waiting for us, staff standing in all corners waiting for us. I could not believe my eyes. Matching colors, top service, and cleanliness, the presence of the events manager to ensure everything goes right and her flexibility, the consideration of Covid-19, to avoid people touching on spoons, and social distancing made it special for us. The food was delicious, coffee and tea were excellent. Knollwood is a fabulous place for gatherings, such weddings, meetings, official and private events. There were no negative comments from the community. Frankly, it is exceptional to have an event there and I would rate Knollwood as 5 stars. I would schedule another or more events at this unique facility."

- Immaculee Mukantaganira


"I have enjoyed being a member of Knollwood Country Club for 15 years with many experiences. When my fiancée Donna and I had to plan our wedding, we choose Knollwood and our experience exceeded our expectations. Knollwood’s staff took care of so many details that made us feel at ease during what could have been a tense time.  The menu selection hit every level we wanted to offer to our guests, the DJ and dance are was spacious, multiple tables for gifts and our specific decorations were available. The Hunt room made for a great area our wedding service with an easy transition to the ballroom.  The staff that was available from Jim at the bar, Tammy directing the event, and Harriet making sure the presentation was first class was also special.   Thank you Knollwood for making our special day memorable and we will be back for any special event in the future."

- Donna & Rich Tremmel


"Our relationship with Knollwood Country Club started 7 years ago and I can say that it was love at 1st sight!!!  Knollwood has provided exceptional service to us which has allowed us to provide exceptional events for our supporters. The staff at Knollwood has always gone above and beyond to ensure that every request that I have made has been met and has exceeded my expectations in most cases.  Thank you, John, Jim, Tammy, Harriet, and the rest of the Knollwood Staff!!  We appreciate you and all the efforts that you give to us and our organization!!"

- Kim Becker

"Tammy was very thorough and helpful in the planning of our event. She and Harriett ensured the Roofsit golf outing was a great success and our participants enjoyed their time on the beautiful course."

- Anna Taul


"My husband and I got married at Knollwood Country Club in August of 2020, in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. Despite getting married in the middle of a pandemic, the staff at Knollwood did a fantastic job making sure our day was amazing. Tammy and Harriet met with us a few times and knew our vision and helped us make it happen. It was incredible, even with the uncertainties of the pandemic, we felt reassured our day would be spectacular. When we were looking for venues it was important to find a space that could be COVID compliant with extra space to spread out our guests. The minute we saw the ballroom and outdoor terrace, my husband and I knew it was the place that would be getting married and celebrating with our closest family and friends. Tammy and Harriet were kind and sweet, you could tell they loved what they did; reassuring us they would take care of everything. We met with the chef at Knollwood and he customized our entrée options allowing my husband and I to pick our favorite foods.  On the day of the event, these amazing ladies jumped into action and took care of so much that if anything went wrong that day, I never heard about it. The decorations and set up was amazing, and everything was just perfect! Thank you Knollwood and staff! We will remember this day forever and are truly grateful for your assistance in making this day perfect!"

- Sara & Chris Kelley