See What Members Are Saying About Us

Country Club of the South Johns Creek, Georgia 

“We were very proud of our club before the acquisition by ClubCorp, but with the capital improvements, our club is better than ever. With the outdoor fire pits and the new casual dining experience, there is a new buzz among our Members. It’s where we meet all our friends for dinner, happy hours and incredible rounds of golf. Our membership has proven to be truly invaluable.”

- Rob Bennison, Board Member

Las Colinas Country Club Irving, Texas

“I’ve been a member of Las Colinas for 13 years and the golf experience at our club has never been better. Our golf course maintenance, the enhancements from our LPGA event, and the recent bunker completion have greatly enhanced the golf experience at our club. It’s now one of the best in Dallas. The feedback I hear from our members is now more about their golf game and the how the course played. It’s been exciting to be part of the many changes and improvements.”

- Liza Slosson, Board Member – President

Chantilly National Golf & Country Club Centreville, Virginia

“Our decision (to sell to ClubCorp) was based on recognizing an immediate increase in membership value through ClubCorp’s commitment of capital improvements along with the unique advantages of ClubCorp’s network. Our membership has been impressed with ClubCorp’s history of success and its leadership.”

- Frank Grace, Board Chairman

Cherry Valley Country Club Skillman, New Jersey

“When ClubCorp acquired Cherry Valley, the team immediately held welcoming events to explain all of our new benefits – and there are a lot – and how they worked. They were very excited and enthusiastic about bringing us into the family of clubs. Not long after, the renovations began and our newly reinvented clubhouse, with a new terrace and bar and lounge and grill, has become a gathering spot for the entire community. Our experiences with ClubCorp have been a good thing.”

- Tom Amato, Board Member

The Houston Club Houston, Texas

“This combination of members and reinvention of club space mark a new beginning for the club that will no doubt bring a fresh energy, new dynamic and so many more opportunities to showcase the club to family, friends and colleagues. I am very much looking forward to all the changes.”

- Max Cameau, Board Member

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