Member Owned Clubs

Shifting demographics, rising operational costs and a highly competitive marketplace have presented significant challenges to stand-alone private clubs, placing many clubs in the precarious position of juggling unsustainable debt loads, deferred capital expenses and ongoing member assessments. As the World Leader in Private Clubs®, ClubCorp is uniquely equipped to answer these challenges and put your club on a path toward long-term sustainability, growth and an enhanced member experience.

One of the distinguishing factors between ClubCorp and other owner/operators is our ability to offer multiple solutions to assist private clubs who may be seeking outside assistance. Flexible deal structure allows your club to work with us to identify a solution that best fits your needs.

Acquisition / Recapitalization

Long Term Lease

Management / Consulting / Advisory Services

Regardless of the engagement structure, private club boards can rest comfortably knowing the culture of your club will remain in tact – as we place a premium on embracing the people and experiences that make your club unique.

For more information on our services for Member-Owned Clubs, contact Billy Knight, Vice President of Corporate Development at 678-859-5497.

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