General Information

Where Families Connect

Brookfield is designed for your relaxation and enjoyment. We believe in creating a lifestyle centered around spending time with friends, business associates and family. While we do have a passion for sports such as golf, tennis and swimming, we are truly blessed and enriched by the time that we spend with our families and friends at Brookfield. Our Club operations staff is dedicated and devoted to the well-being of our Members. We understand that there are numerous private country club choices and are honored that our Members selected us.

We value and cherish time spent with families and friends. Brookfield, with its myriad of amenities, provides the ideal setting for families and friends to connect. Friendships are created and strengthened here.

Looking for something to do? There is always something going on at Brookfield. Whether it is a social event, a golf tournament or round robin tennis, we are always providing our Members the best possible programs and activities.

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